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Q: We are organising a workshop for 2006. We have to make the pre-payment of the reservation and other services connected with the workshop preparation now. Is this pre-payment an eligible cost in the first 12 months period?
Q: We have information that the European Commission determines that one man/month=17,5 man/days. Is that correct? We have 1 man/day = 8 man/hours (40 hours per week) and 1 man/month = 20 man/days (approximately) and are finding some discrepancies when converting man/hours from the timesheets, reporting the work done by each person, into man months. Please advise us what to do. Should we use 17,5 days or 20 days for a man/month?
Q: Does the New clause 39 apply to all FP6 programmes? Can we inform our coordinators, who ask for audit certificates for a certain small period and amount that we can follow this rule?
Q: I am filling out form c for a specific support action for my university is partner. We did not receive sufficient funding from EU for this action and therefore received supplementary funds from the university to cover the expenses. Are these supplementary funds considered to be a receipt?

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