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FP7 Grant Agreement and Annexes Page
17.07.2014 - FP7 Audit & certifications
20.06.2014 - Restrictions on extensions to the duration of grant agreements, and respect of reporting deadlines *VERY IMPORTANT*
26.10.2012 - EU Regulation on the Financial Rules appliciable to the general budget of the Union

Project Related EU Information

18.03.2013 - Guide to Financial Issues - Version 6
14.01.2013 - VAT Rates Applied in the Member States of the European Union
19.03.2012 - How to avoid common errors identified in cost claims
21.02.2012 - New Participant Portal changes in roles
11.01.2012 - Eligibility of taxes and charges related to personnel leaflet
20.05.2011 - SME Owners / Natural Persons / Marie Curie Rates Calculator
10.05.2011 - Marie Curie - Financial Guidelines - Version 2 (Part 1)
07.07.2011 - Marie Curie Financial Guidelines - V1 (Part 2)
07.11.2011 - Marie Curie Financial Guidelines - V1 (Part 3)
10.05.2011 - FAQs to the Marie Curie Actions Financial Guidelines V1.0
15.10.2010 - Financial Viability Check tool v4
01.07.2010 - Certificates Issued By External Auditors - Guidance Notes For Beneficiaries and Auditors
29.04.2010 - Comunication from the Commission Re: Simplifying The Implementation Of The Research Framework Programmes
08.09.2009 - Short guideline on proposal submission and negotiation with third country participants
20.07.2009 - Subsistence Flat-Rates usage guide
25.06.2009 - FP7 Average Personnel Costs Acceptability Criteria
27.01.2009 - FP7 Negotiation Guidance Notes
10.11.2008 - Guidance notes on FP7 Project Reporting
10.11.2008 - Guidance notes and templates for Project Technical Review involving Independent Expert(s)
05.05.2008 - Amendments Guide for FP7 Grant Agreements
Draft Guidance Notes for preparing the Grant Agreement - IDEAS Program - ERC Frontier Research Scheme - Ver 14.01.2008
Ex Ante Checks - legal existence and financial capacity rules - Ver 20.06.2007
Electronic Proposal Submission Service (EPSS)

Related Links

Grant Agreement Preparation Forms (GPFs)

General Relevant Official EU Information

27.04.09 - FP7 Progress Report (waiting to be adopted)
Regulation (EC) No 1906/2006 laying down the rules for the participation of FP7 - Ver 18.12.2006

Other Related Information

22.10.13 - FP7 Book by Mr Myer Morron (FREE) V2.17

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