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We have information that the European Commission determines that one man/month=17,5 man/days. Is that correct? We have 1 man/day = 8 man/hours (40 hours per week) and 1 man/month = 20 man/days (approximately) and are finding some discrepancies when converting man/hours from the timesheets, reporting the work done by each person, into man months. Please advise us what to do. Should we use 17,5 days or 20 days for a man/month?


In the days of FP5 the EU set (although some exceptions were allowed for individual countries/projects) maximum annual productive hours as 1,680, or an average of 140 hours per month. This is equivalent to 17.5 productive days per month for an 8 hour day.


In truth the basis for each organisation should be set by that organisation by taking the employees' average annual hours (i.e. excluding non-productive hours e.g. sickness, holidays, maternity leave, lunch breaks etc), dividing that by 12 to arrive at the average per month and then by 8 (or normal working day length in hours). We would be surprised if this is far different from 17.5, and certainly 20 looks excessive.


17.5 productive days per month on average is a good guidance figure for FP6, but it is not compulsory.

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