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Q: How can we claim back VAT?
Q: Is Overtime allowed?
Q: Do you know which EU document (if any document at all) suggests the EU countries should reimburse or not charge VAT costs for EU research projects
Q: Can we claim Patent Costs?
Q: How can my University claim back VAT costs if we cannot claim them back locally?
Q: Can our person-month claimed include travel days to conferences and meetings?
Q: What are the general rules for equipment leasing agreements?
Q: According to the polish taxation act, there are situations in which VAT can’t be recovered / e.g. VAT for hotel service- we have to include whole value (gross) to the costs. Can we therefore include value of VAT to the eligible cost?
Q: During official trip abroad, while working on certain project workpackages, I have to pay foreign VAT in prices of hotel, petrol or tickets. Based on our national accounting practice - this VAT is eligible costs as there is no opportunity for my company to refund this money. What about FP6 projects? I have met two different approaches from the side of auditors - one approach accept foreign VAT as an eligible cost the other excludes all foreign VAT from eligible costs. As I travel often by car, these amounts represent quite significant sum of money. Could you tell me what is your opinion on the subject?
Q: At my last seminar on the financial issues I was instructed by a lecturer, that in case the local authorities are not able or refuse to reimburse VAT within FP6 projects, there exists the possibility to address the European Commission for the reimbursement of VAT. Are we entitled to enjoy this procedure?
Q: The financial guidelines tell us that: "any identifiable indirect taxes, including VAT or duties" may not be charged to the project. My question is regarding the term "identifiable". For example, we receive an invoice for a dinner for a project meeting, on this invoice the tax is mentioned and therefore identifiable and therefore not chargeable to the project. But if we travel to a project meeting and we buy a train ticket we do not see the VAT, so therefore I assume the VAT is not "identifiable". Is this correct? The same if we buy a lunch during that day and we receive a receipt for this lunch, no VAT is “identifiable”, since the VAT is not mentioned on the receipt. Is this correct?
Q: Is personal income tax eligible under FP6?
Q: Please, advise how to show non-eligible costs related to the project for AC cost model partner as an evidence of their contribution to the project?
Q: Can VAT that is not recovered by the national authorities, be declared and be eligible under FP6?

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