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Welcome to Finance Helpdesk Website!

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Welcome to the Finance-Helpdesk. This facility was started by the Finance-NMS-IST Project, with the support of the IST Program. This website acts as a portal and a helpdesk for the latest FP financial information. Don't forget to register with us here to be able to download documents, use the confidential helpline and to receive our Financial Newsletters.

Latest News
08/12/2018Version 5.1 of the Multi-beneficiary Annotated General Grant Agreement is available now.

Version 5.1 of the Multi-beneficiary Annotated General Grant Agreement is available now.


To view please click ... Read More

21/11/2018List of supporting documents required for an EU audit

With the letter that you receive from the Commission informing you that you have been selected to undergo a Horizon2020 EU Audit, there is an attachment that contains a list of t... Read More

19/11/2018AURI presentation available to view now.

Did you ever wonder what happens after your H2020 Audit? What ... Read More

05/09/2018The latest Finance Helpdesk Newsletter #54 is available now.

To view the newsletter, please click ... Read More

23/08/2018Bexit and H2020 - UK PARTICIPATION IN HORIZON 2020 - UK government overview

The UK Government has published a document outlining the current status of Brexit and H2020.

It outlines the current negotiations and what will happen if the negotiations fail.

To Download ... Read More

28/06/2018H2020 Guidance on List of issues applicable to particular countries is updated to V1.5

 The H2020 Guidance on List of issues applicable to particular countries has been updated on 28 June 2018 to version 1.5 and now includes ... Read More

07/06/2018Regulation establishing the Next Framework Program "Horizon Europe"

The Regulation establishing the next 7 year Framework Program has been published.

To dowmload please click here.

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Upcoming Events
29/01/2019 2 Day Financial Workshop in Vienna, Austria
02/04/2019 2 Day Financial Workshop in Vienna, Austria.
Leaflets, Tools & Presentations
21/11/2018 List of supporting documents required for a H2020 audit
19/11/2018 12/11/2018 - Audit Result Implementation Workflow (AURI) Webcast
10/09/2017 10.09.2017 - Financial Support for Third Parties leaflet
03/05/2017 03.05.2017 - Subcontracting in H2020 V1.0
04/01/2017 19.12.2016 - In-house Consultants in H2020 V1.1 *updated*
15/01/2019 Finance Helpdesk Newsletter #55
05/09/2018 Finance Helpdesk Newsletter #54
Horizon2020 Links
04/09/2018 28.06.2018 - List of issues applicable to particular countries (Personnel Costs) V1.5
23/08/2018 23.08.2018 - H2020 and Brexit - UK government overview
01/08/2018 06.01.2018 - Rules on Legal Entity Validation, LEAR appointment and Financial Capacity Assessment V1.0
03/07/2018 03.07.2018 - Multi-beneficiary Annotated General Grant Agreement V5 *NEW*
20/06/2018 20.06.2018 - Report on the distribution of payments for H2020 Projects template
Horizon Europe Links
07/06/2018 07.06.2018 - Regulation establishing Horizon Europe
01/07/2017 01.07.2017 - EU Financial Regulations 2017

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