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Herve Leger: Real or Fake

Thinking of buying an herve leger bandage dress sale online or on Ebay? Unless you're buying the dress from a branded Department Store or Boutique (Think Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf, Nordstrom, Nieman Marcus, Barney's, Etc.) You could be buying a fake. Unfortunately, now that any item becomes "Hot" and desirable it's only a matter of time before they start being produced in a "counterfeit" market. I've noticed a couple of guides popping up on how to distinguish a real dress from a fake one but they seem so ridiculous to me. No one happens to have a magnifying glass just laying around! Lol. These guides try and show you 1000 different variations but quite frankly... who has that kind of time? I'm not going to sit somewhere and inspect every thread and question every serial number.

1. An Authentic herve leger outlet Dress Tag is smooth and silky to the touch. It's a "Satin Finish" tag so it's smooth, silky and has a satin sheen the FAKE has a tag that's a little more rough and is not silky. I took a picture of a real dress that I had purchased and compared it to one I got scammed on by buying it on Ebay. Can you notice the difference? I've looked at 20 fake dresses and NONE had the same satin look or feel as the real. 2. Look at the care tag. The authentic dress has a "finished" seam care tag. It has slight stitching to keep it from fraying too much. The fake dress does not have a "finished" seam. The fake one is made of a satin material too BUT look at the edging of it. Notice the difference? I own about 6 "newer" herve leger sale outlet and several "vintage" dresses and they ALL have the same "finished off" care tag. If you take a look at all your high-end dresses, I'm sure you'll notice that all of them do the same thing to their care tags. They do this to prevent the tag from completely unraveling and disentrigrating. Think of it like hemming your pants when you alter them or shortening them. You have them hemmed/sewed to avoid having your pants/jeans from simply coming undone when you wash them. If you didn't hem your jeans... they'd just continue to fray. See what I mean? Not one fake dress I encountered had the "finished" seam like the real. So this will be an immediately sign.

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