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05/12/2006 - Financial Rule changes from FP6 to FP7 - Budapest, Hungary.

The Pro-NMS project is holding a 2 day workshop 4-5 December 2006 in Budapest.  The workshop is being organized on the occasion of the launch of FP7 and the upcoming first ICT call for proposals. The Pro-NMS project aims to facilitate the participation of organisations from the New Member States (NMS) in the ICT programme, in particular in the fields of embedded systems, micro- and nanotechnologies and networked businesses.


The first day of the workshop is dedicated to introducing the new ICT workprogramme, in particular focusing on the topics of the first ICT call. In addition, the audience will be informed on the progress of related initiatives, such as activities of European Technology Platforms, as well as new opportunities for transnational collaboration under Joint Technology Initiatives and article 169.


The second day will focus on FP7 participation issues. The Finance Helpdesk will explain changes in financial rules in FP7 and their implications, offering valuable advice concerning key challenges faced by universities and SMEs.


For further information, please contact Edina Nemeth Edina.Nemeth@ist.hu.

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