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27/09/2006 - 3 Day FP7 Workshop in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The Ministry of Science, Education and Sports is hosting a 3 day FP7 Workshop in Dubrovnik, Croatia. (27-29 September)


The Finance Helpdesk will be contributing to the Financial Aspects of the Workshop.


The draft agenda for the full workshop is:


Day 1 Topics

-          Registration and coffee

-          Introduction and overview of FP7.

-          Differences between FP6 and FP7 Rules

-          CIP

-          Terminological Changes

Day 2 Topics

-          How to turn an idea into € €   

-          Proposal writing                  

-          Contract Negotiations

Day 3 Topics

-          Financial Aspects

-          Partner search overview  

-          Identifying coordinators (online)   

-          Wrap up slot for identified un-dealt with topics

-          Role of NCP/Delegate/AG


The workshop will be conducted by staff from EPF Consulting Ltd. who have wide experience of Framework Programmes.


For more information, please contact Gordana Prutki; Gordana.Prutki-Pecnik@mzos.hr, from the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.

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