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09/05/2006 - Europe Day brings major European Website changes

Today, 9 May, is “Europe Day”. To mark this, EU institutions switch to .eu domain names on their websites and emails today. Actually, it has been available for the last month however today is the official launch. The changes include:


- The General Europa portal http://europa.eu.int becomes http://europa.eu  

- The Commission portal: http://europa.eu.int/comm becomes http://ec.europa.eu

- The Cordis home page changes from www.cordis.lu to www.cordis.europa.eu


The Finance Helpdesk website has updated all the links on the site, so there should be no problem for our users.


For the email address of Commission staff, as well as the current email address format firstname.lastname@cec.eu.int. the email server will recognise a new email address format firstname.lastname@ec.europa.eu. The old format will be recognised for one further year, it will be discontinued on 9th May 2007. Don’t leave it to the last minute to change….

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