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A lecturer at an institution is on a monthly salary of 3,000 Euros. When the institution successfully concludes a contract with FP6 with them as coordinator for the first time, a new position is created "International Project Director". This lecturer applies for and is appointed to this new full time position at a salary of 5,000 Euros. If he then is charged against the project, would this be certifiable in a Audit certificate check for this project?


It would be dependent on several things:

1. It being ascertainable that this new post is reasonable in local market place for this International Project Director post to have a higher salary than the previous lecturer position

2. That the institution has not previously employed someone to manage international projects at a lower salary.

3. That the new post is dependent on external funding.

4. It would be better if  contract from before evaluation stating that as soon as funding available he will take up position

5. The lecturer also needs to be "dismissed" from old position which is then given to someone else or cancelled from the organisation " chart" of work.

6. New contract must stand alone - no reference to anything else - old contract cancelled.

7. Rate for new post is reasonable commercial rate and comparable within the organisation and to other organisations

8. Ideally the institution should advertise the position. Universities/institutions sometimes have a requirement for new positions to be put out to internal and/or outside "tender" the new post and take the best candidate, but this may not be necessary.

Note: This type of practice is not liked and currently in dispute in Brussels. As a result the rules will be changed in FP7 - everyone will be FC and no outside financed or permanent staff categories.

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