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13/12/2005 - FP6: Unpicking the Framework – Reading, England

Boway Accounting Services is holding a one day symposium for Universities involved in European Framework 6 Research to establish good practice in the treatment of the financial reporting to the European Commission. The workshop will be held at Reading University, England.


Graham Feldman FCA (UK) CPA (Isr.) from EFP Consulting is one of the speakers.


Venue:              The University of Reading

Date:                13 December 2005

Time:                09:30 – 17:00

Cost:                £90 per delegate


Provisional Programme


09:30                Registration

10:00                Introduction and general housekeeping

10:15                Building a budget for an FP6 Project – Simon Walker

11:00                Workshop details


11:15                Tea/Coffee


11:45                Preparation for the Commission Audit – Simon Walker

12:15                Auditing the Form C and the Audit Certificate – Graham Feldman FCA (UK) CPA (Isr.) – EFPConsulting


13:00                Lunch


14:00                Special aspects of eligible and ineligible costs and the difference between Indirect (overhead costs) and Direct costs. Timing of reporting and audit certificates. Calculating overheads and their audit – Graham Feldman FCA (UK) CPA (Isr.)–EFPConsulting


15:00                Tea/Coffee


15:30                Plenary Session – Questions to panellists

16:30                Establishing a web site

17:00                Close


For more information and booking, please contact, Clive Evans c.w.evans@reading.ac.uk

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