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25/09/2005 - Response to Commission Staff Working Document Simplification in The 7th Framework Programme - {COM(2005)119 final}

In June 2005, the Commission opened a consultation for comments on the following documents:


·          Commission Staff Working Document on Simplification in FP7;


·          Presentations from the workshop on simplification (16 June 2005) on:

         Community Financial Contribution 

         Legal and Financial issues 



         From FP6 to FP7 


The aim of the consultation was to provide an opportunity for all researchers, but especially those within the EU (and Associated Countries), to offer their views on the 10 proposed measures for simplification contained in the staff working document on simplification that accompanied the Commission proposal on the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).


EFPConsulting have produced a paper with their comments and recommendations. To view the report click here.

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