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18/05/2005 - IST Call 5 Now open; closing 21 September 2005

The IST Priority has launched Call 5 for proposals


The strategic objectives covered in this call are:

- photonic components;

- micro/nano based sub-systems;

- embedded systems;

- advanced Grid technologies, systems and services;

- software and services;

- research networking testbeds;

- multimodal interfaces;

- ICT for networked business;

- collaborative working environments;

- access to and preservation of cultural and scientific resources;

- eInclusion;

- ICT for environmental risk management;

- simulating emergent properties in complex systems.


The total indicative budget for this call is 638 million euro.


The call text provides an indicative budget for each of these objectives and the split between the old and new instruments. Not all the instruments are open for all parts of the Call – please double check within the text of each Strategic Objective for the requested instruments.


Call documents.

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