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What is this about a 'Competent Public Officer ' (CPO) being able to perform the audits?


Any contractor that is either a national Government department or under the full legal control of a national Government may use some one internal to the government to provide the certificate provided that some senior public official says he is authorised to do so.
The situation can differ from country to country. In essence though, if this is used then the Commission will decide whether the person who provided the certificate has the necessary level of approval. In the case of a public organisation in Israel, if the Chief Scientist together with the Ministry legal council said the Ministry director of Finance or one of his staff could do it, then that person would provide the certificate and Brussels would double check they have the necessary clearance.
We do not believe too many will use this option and we do not recommended it as the person would probably have insufficient knowledge to assist in improving the financial procedure in question. We suggest that you use a qualified auditor that has past knowledge and workings of the framework program.
In our experience, an auditor that knows what he is doing can make a big difference.

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