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20/02/2019 - Horizon 2020 Personnel Costs Calculation Wizard is available now

There is a new integrated support tool: the Personnel Costs Calculation Wizard.

It can be accessed inside the financial statement screen.

You can choose to use it to assist you in calculating your personnel costs or you can ignore it.

The wizard defines, through a set of questions proposed by the wizard, the required parameters for the calculations. The wizard will then calculate the total personnel costs and fill in the respective field in the financial statement.

This is a useful tool particularly if your organisation is relatively new to Horizon 2020, or it does not have enough administrative or accounting capacity, or has recently been object of ex-post audits on which errors were identified in the calculation of actual personnel costs.

There is a user’s guide that you can download and look at. We recommend all organisations do look at this document, even if just to double check your methodology.

Please download the document here.

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