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12/07/2017 - 1 Day ERC Workshop in Vienna, Austria.

The Finance Helpdesk is holding a 1 Day ERC Workshop in Vienna, Austria.


Workshop Date:

12 July 2017


Workshop Venue:

The Holiday Inn Vienna City Hotel.


Target Audience:

The workshop is targeted at Financial Personnel and Project Managers.


ERC Grants allow individual researchers to propose research projects from all areas of scientific and technological research of interest to the EU. Project proposals are evaluated on the sole criterion of excellence and can include high risk, interdisciplinary projects. There are no restrictions on the nationality of the principal investigators to be funded, but they must carry out their research within the European Union and associated countries.


Workshop Topics include:


·         Overview of ERC Starting Grant, ERC Consolidator Grant, ERC Advanced Grant, Proof of Concept Grant

·         Rules for participation (Individual Teams, eligible hosts) in H2020 Actions

·         Evaluation Criteria and Evaluation process

·         H2020 ERC Grant Agreement 

·         Subcontractors, Third Parties

·         Eligible & Ineligible costs (Personnel costs, equipment, consumables, travel, conferences, management, overheads etc.)

·         Bookkeeping, Accounting Records, Timesheets, Cost Recording

·         Project Reporting (financial and scientific reporting)

·         What does the auditor look for


Workshop fee:

£545 + VAT



To register, please download the registration form and send completed form by Email here, or fax to: +972 89327362

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