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21/11/2016 - 1 Day Marie Curie Workshop in Vienna, Austria.

Workshop Date:

21 Nov 2016


Workshop Venue:

The Holiday Inn Vienna City Hotel.


Target Audience:

The workshop is targeted at Financial Personnel and Project Managers.


Workshop Content:

  • Overview of the Individual Fellowships, ITN, RISE and COFUND Actions (project types)

  • Rulesfor participation

  • Overview and differences between Marie-Curie Grant Agreements and the H2020 Model Grant Agreement

  • Employment contract requirements

  • Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions Financial rules & regulations including: Eligible & Non-Eligible costs, employment supporting documentation, audit requirements, foreign currency

  • Reporting requirements – progress reports, Mid-term report, periodic reports, Declarations of conformity, questionnaires,

  • Case Studies and examples

  • Things to watch out for!

  • Discussion of participant issues / situations


    Workshop fee:

    £545 + VAT



To register, please download the registration form and send completed form by Email here, or fax to: +972 89327362

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