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21/05/2015 - SME Instrument Proposal Writing Workshop in Vienna, Austria.

This Work shop will explain how to prepare a proposal for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of this new instrument. It will cover the various phases of the instrument and provide insight into how proposals are evaluated.


The Work Shop will explain how to maximise your chances of being funded and how to avoid common errors.


The Work Shop will include:



·          Finance Help-desk

·          Background material


SME Overview:

·          Background New SME Instrument

·          General overview

·          Relevance and explanation of Technology Readiness Levels

·          Benefits of participation

·          SME Definition



·          Differences between Phase1 and Phase 2

·          Goal

·          Project structure

·          Initial decisions

·          Partner search

·          Memorandum of Understanding

·          Key documents

·          Proposal preparation - Part A

·          Budgeting spread sheet example

·          Part B descriptions

·          Working arrangements

·          WP structuring

·          How to build up the content

·          Quantification

·          Finalising the proposal

·          SEP

·          Financial points

            ·          How the evaluations are carried out.

·          Common mistakes to avoid.

·          Important points to bear in mind when writing a proposal

·          Potential Problems

·          Results of first call

·          Future call schedule


Workshop Date:

21 May 2015


Workshop Venue:

The Holiday Inn Vienna City Hotel.


Workshop fee:

£545 +VAT



To register, please download the registration form and send completed form by Email here, or fax to: +972 89327362

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