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20/05/2015 - 1 Day Proposal Writing Workshop in Vienna, Austria.

This one day Work Shop will explain how to write a winning proposal for Horizon 2020.

It will cover Research and Innovation Actions as well as Innovation Actions in all areas of Horizon 2020.


Topics Include:



·          Finance Help-desk

·          Background material


H2020 Overview:

·          Background to Framework Program

·          General overview

·          What is different in H2020?

·          Procedures

-         workprograms

-         calls

·          Nature of proposals

·          Benefits of participation


Proposal writing:

·          Goal

·          Project structure

·          Initial decisions

·          Partner search

·          Memorandum of Understanding

·          Key documents

·          Proposal preparation - Part A

·          Budgeting spread sheet example

·          Part B descriptions

·          Working arrangements

·          WP structuring

·          How to build up the content

·          Quantification

·          Finalising the proposal

·          SEP

·          Financial points


Project Best Practice:

·          Ethical aspects

·          Role of the Coordinator

·          Per Project Phase

·          How the evaluations are carried out.

·          Common mistakes to avoid.

·          Important points to bear in mind when writing a proposal

·          Potential Problems


Workshop Date:

20 May2015


Workshop Venue:

The Holiday Inn Vienna City Hotel.


Workshop fee:

£545 +VAT



To register, please download the registration form and send completed form by Email here, or fax to: +972 89327362

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